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By Greg Wester, Chief Marketing Officer at Mobile Posse

We’ve been thrilled with the awesome coverage of our co-authored report with Phoenix Marketing International on “The Appnostic Journey”. This is our third partnership with Phoenix on the mobile journey – particularly at the unlock moment. While most research in mobile focuses on the destinations (i.e., usage metrics on individual apps), we’ve always turned the focus to the mobile journey itself – trying to understand what draws people to use their phones and how they actually navigate to these mobile destinations. And nothing changes the mobile journey more than “Appnostic” behavior – someone consciously unlocking their phone with no conscious app destination in mind.

It’s only been 3 months since the word “Appnostics” became part of our vocabulary here at the Posse. But even in that short time, it’s a word we use multiple times every day. But our usage of that term is nothing compared to the number of times that smartphone users everywhere exhibit Appnostic behavior. As the report shows, it’s a growing trend and not a fluke. And we’re happy that the press noticed that in a BIG way. Some things we loved from the coverage:


  1. “Appnostic” is Spreading. And no, not just because it’s something that 88% of people admit to doing every day. But also almost every headline we received in the press included the word “Appnostic”. It shows that people quickly get what we’re talking about because, hey, there is almost a 9 in 10 chance they are engaging in Appnostic behavior regularly themselves.
  2. The Smartphone Will Change. Not only did we want to highlight the growing Appnostic trend, but that it is driving different consumer desires. People are no longer looking for the same old, same old with their phones. People are interested in new content experiences – something that will drive future innovation for those looking to disrupt.
  3. Content is Yesterday’s King. One thing that stood out in our research is that while people had interest in new ways to discover content – they weren’t particularly satisfied by, or interested in being force-fed the content that their carriers owned. So even though carriers have heavily invested in content sources, consumers are more likely to seek a broader range of content sources.



However, like everything, even though we were thrilled with the coverage, there is one thing that was missed from many places – that a huge opportunity lies in creating a device that is more proactive for content discovery. Appnostic behavior is not something that will go away. It is driven by evolving consumer behavior and emerging market trends. It will shape the future of the smartphone.

Just because a person doesn’t have an app in mind when they unlock their phone, doesn’t mean that the phone shouldn’t have something in mind for them.  The smartphone OEMs and wireless carriers that act on this reality stand to gain a TON from Appnostic behaviors. And that really is the bottom line.