Blog post covering top learnings from Mobile Unlock Journey Report by Verto Analytics

By Greg Wester, Chief Marketing Officer

A recent report by Verto Analytics on the Mobile Unlock Journey dared to ask, “What happens after consumers unlock their smartphones?” – and no, the answer wasn’t look at cat pictures and argue with strangers. We were thrilled to see that Verto dubbed Metro by T-Mobile’s metroZONE app, which is powered by our Firstly Mobile content discovery platform, as “The Carrier App That is Built for Unlock Content Discovery.” But that was just the start. The report was full of goodies that will shape the smartphone of tomorrow – aligning with several points we’ve been making over the last year.

Click HERE to read the Mobile Unlock Journey Report

Here’s what I loved:

  1. We Beat Facebook – And Everyone Else: Our highlight of Verto’s research was when they compared apps on Unlock Engagement – looking at how often people “stuck” to that app for over 10 seconds vs. dismissing it in less than 3 seconds after finding it at unlock. Or rather, how likely you are to use an app you stumble upon at unlock (normally because it was the last app used). Well, social and messaging apps scored high – but not as high as content apps like metroZONE and SmartNews.A graph that depicts metroZONE outperforming Facebook in smartphone unlock engagement
  2. Push Doesn’t Drive Discovery: For folks thinking that the solution to unlock engagement is push notifications – think again! We’ve long thought that push notifications are going the way of the dinosaur, and this report proves that. Their value is inconsequential for content discovery – less than 2% of unlocks involve consumers engaging in notifications from content/media apps. The on-the-go user doesn’t want to climb through a mountain of push notifications to find something – much like they don’t want to swim through the sea of icons in their launcher. It’s time to make the push notification extinct.Push Notifications Don't Help with Content Discovery - More than Half are from Native Utilities or System Apps
  3. The Smartphone is Broken: The bottom line of the report is that smartphone can, and should, be better. Verto’s analysis shows that 51% of the time, our phone unlocks to a sea of apps we need to swim through.  If that’s not enough, in the other 49% of unlocks, more often than not, our “smart” phone fails to give people something they stick to for more than 10 seconds. In a world increasingly filled with unlocks that occur with no app in mind, our phones should be more adept at providing us something useful!A graph that depicts the distribution of smartphone unlocks and the room for smartphone improvement


So, how does metroZONE create unlock engagement when other content apps fail? It’s through the power of our next-gen content discovery platform, Firstly Mobile. Firstly Mobile has an understanding of when users are in the mood for something interesting. When they are, it engages them with curated content. Otherwise, Firstly Mobile works in the background waiting for those perfect snackable engagement moments. Contact us today to learn more!

Click HERE to read the Mobile Unlock Journey Report