By Greg Wester, CMO

This blog has been adapted from a chapter in our recent eBook, “A Carrier’s Practical Guide to Winning Mobile Content Discovery”. To read the entire eBook and find out how to become a major mobile leader in 180 days, please follow the link.

The Next-Gen of mobile content discovery are built-in innovations to the smartphone that make it easy for subscribers to find and enjoy the content they love. These device-native solutions creates experiences where the content finds the user rather than the current norm of the user finding the content. Instead of typing, tapping, swiping, searching, and waiting – people can get to the things they enjoy regularly with relative ease –  it’s there waiting for them, at unlock, with a swipe, or when opening a new browser.

While next-gen solutions continue to evolve, we’ve already seen several hit the market! And let us tell you – the reviews are in, and people LOVE them. From improved carrier loyalty, to better phone experiences, to staying informed, and helping us cure our boredom – people have been raving about next-gen solutions and how they have improved their smartphone. Removing friction, or the things that slow us down, from our mobile experiences have transformed industries. And now, with the next-gen of mobile content discovery upon us, we can see for sure that Frictionless Media is, indeed, the next big thing people need to have.  

Here’s some of what we’ve been hearing:

1) “I was contemplating which provider to use when I borrowed someone’s phone and saw content pop up on her screen. My mind was made up 100%! They have a customer for life.”
At the crux of next-gen content discovery is better subscriber engagement. Carriers have been looking for a way to engage subscribers meaningfully and this is one way they can do that. By creating a novel way to get content, including the content they own, in front of their subscribers, they are creating new experiences and engagements that people actually want. Customer loyalty doesn’t have to be created only through long-term contracts and cheap data plans – there are other ways to create happy and engaged customers.


2) “Having this on my phone has made things much simpler for me. It’s nice to be able to easily see news headlines when I want. It’s a good wide selection of news and information about other apps and sites along with current events that range from gossip to real news.”
Half the time we unlock our phones, we do so without a specific app in mind. Yet, our “smart”phones still end up giving us the same content discovery experience that we’ve had for over a decade – giving us the last app we are in or a sea of icons to sift through. This is despite the fact that the first app is dismissed in less than 8 seconds half the time. NextGen content discovery changes that by making the diverse variety of content we want conveniently accessible to subscribers on unlock, with a swipe to the right, or when they open a browser portal – providing a much improved experience.


3) “This app is very informative – I look to it for my daily information. The app keeps me in the know and “now”. ”
It’s no secret that the mobile age has us living on the go a lot more. Combine that with the 24/7 news cycle and the omnipresence of social media, and people have a inherent desired to stay informed. Next-Gen content discovery keeps people on the go and in the know by making it simple and easy to access the trending news, weather, sports, and entertainment news that everyone is buzzing about.


4) “It gives you great news…. And if you’re in a hurry, it gets to the point fast!”
The median mobile session is becoming shorter – currently at 27 seconds. People are quickly checking their phones in line at the cash register, waiting for a meeting to start, at the crosswalk, or when their lunch dates are running late. In order to fulfill this short moments with a meaningful content experience, precious seconds can’t be lost tapping, typing, swiping, and waiting. Next-Gen content discovery is the difference between creating a great, snackable content experience and an unfulfilled moment.


5)Frictionless Experiences are the Best Customer Experiences
OK – we cheated a little bit on this one quoting an analyst rather than a customer. However, from EZ-Pass to Apple Pay to Amazon Prime to Uber, speed and convenience has been the core of disrupting innovations that have transformed industries. As the author states, frictionless experiences have moved from novelty to mandatory. Next-Gen content discovery is the next big thing for media, reducing friction and bringing people the content they love, when they want it. “Good things happen when you leverage technology, take a risk and innovate, with the result being better, frictionless customer experiences.”

It’s time carriers take note and reap major dividends through next-gen content discovery with greater customer loyalty, improved experiences, and added revenue streams.


This blog has been adapted from a chapter in our recent eBook, “A Carrier’s Practical Guide to Winning Mobile Content Discovery”. To read the entire eBook and find out how to become a major mobile leader in 180 days, please follow the link.