New Research Proves: “Win the morning, you win the day”

By Greg Wester, CMO

 Our Predictions on 2020’s Big Newsmakers

 It’s a new decade in mobile. And things can change a lot in 10 years. Consider that the best selling phone in 2010 was the iPhone 4, Samsung released its first Galaxy phone, and “App” was chosen as the word of the year by the American Dialect Society.

What might 2020 have in store? We decided to look into our New Lens and make a few predictions on what some of the major headlines in mobile will be this year.

Research Reveals That People are App-Nostic 60% of the Time

Maybe the 2020 Word of the year will be “App”-Nostic? The trend of unlocking your phone without an app in mind will continue to grow.

LG introduces Discovery Phone – catered to the Media Enthusiast

And with that growing trend, an OEM will launch a phone primarily designed to recommend and consume streaming video, music, news, and other media.

Mobile Posse’s MetroZONE Repeats as the Stickiest App at Unlock

Excuse us for being self-serving. If Verto Analytics’ repeats its report “The Mobile Unlock Journey”  on what captures people’s attention right at unlock, we expect MetroZONE to be among the leaders again.

Stanford Researchers Show That Facebook Is Just Everyone’s Bad Habit

Why do people use Facebook despite concerns of “Fake News” and privacy? Taking a page out of the popular book, “The Power of Habit”, researchers quantify Facebook’s use driven largely because it’s easy and “just there”.

Want Better Viewing Suggestions? Fios To Incorporate Your Mobile Habits

Choice overload has made smart discovery imperative for media winners. Someone with the ability to combine mobile usage with streaming will do so – providing recommendations on what to watch based on the news and stories you view on your phone.

New Android Widgets Now Designed To Compete With Siri Suggestions

Android, in an effort to compete with Siri’s increasingly powerful, and proactive “Suggestions”, will upgrade their current widgets to integrate with other device utilities and intelligently recommend to the user things they might want to do next – based on their schedule, history, location, and more.

Apple Launches iDiscovery; Primed to be the King of Mobile Media

 And speaking of Apple, we don’t expect them to sit on their hands in 2020. Look for them to create a whole ecosystem around discovery – putting their Apple News and AppleTV products front and center for their users. In a world overloaded with media choices – the winners will be those that simplify those choices in the most user-friendly way.  You can already control your Apple TV from your iPhone’s control center, look for deeper integrations around cross-device recommendations and cross-device control.

How about you? Any bold predictions for what’s heading our way in 2020? Contact Us with your headlines!