Adrian Velthuis has been part of our Posse since April Fools Day, 2016 and serves as our Chief Revenue Officer. He’s a resident Alchemist and demonstrates that by turning billions of monthly mobile ad requests into pure gold.  

Adrian’s key responsibility is best characterized as “unclogging the pipes” so that advertising demand can flow to our inventory and advertisers achieve the ROI that they seek. His team is tireless in ensuring ad and content quality so that tens of millions of monthly users have positive mobile content experiences.  

Prior to Mobile Posse, Adrian has taken on pioneering roles in the Mobile Industry, including launching new businesses at, Verizon WIreless, and Millennial Media. As someone defined by a desire to turn ideas into profitable solutions, Adrian started his career consulting after somehow managing to get his degree at Johns Hopkins University.

When not repairing the coffee machine at the Posse, Adrian spends his time keeping up with his three teenage children.

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