Jon created our Posse in 2005 and serves as our CEO and founder. He is our resident Rebel and shows that by coming up with out-of-the-box ways to disrupt industries.  

Jon’s key responsibility is crafting our revolutionary mission and vision to help make telecom companies major mobile media leaders. He is also responsible for coming up with big ideas and running the company.  

Prior to founding Mobile Posse, he was gaining interactive advertising expertise by innovating new products as a principal manager at AOL Mobile, the founder of GeolQ, and CTO of Frederator. As someone who has always been forward-looking and decisive, Jon started his career as a senior manager after getting his degree at George Mason.

When not appreciating high speed cars or racking up high scores on pinball, Jon might be found watching the Crimson Tide put up high scores against its gridiron competition.

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