Kevin G. has been part of our Posse since 2018 and serves as our VP of sales. He is a resident Innocent and shows that by instilling optimism and faith with our internal team and partners alike in our product.

Kevin’s key responsibility is signing up new telecom partners, managing our customer success team and coordinating with our product team on slick new ideas.  He’s also globetrotting to exciting places like Barcelona, Vegas, and Des Moines to entertain our cool clients.

Prior to Mobile Posse, he was building the TV business by putting MobiTV on feature phones – minus the loading friction – and helping Apple monetize their App Store in far away places. As someone who has always been a passionate and natural smooth talker, Kevin started his career in telephone sales at AT&T after getting his degree at University of California-Santa Barbara.

When not strategically coordinating happy hours at the Posse, Kevin is hanging with his cool, athletic boys and lovely wife.

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