Steven has over 15 years of experience in the technology industry with emphasis at entrepreneurial companies, particularly in the wireless technology sector. He has successfully led product development, IT operations, and professional services for very small start-ups and rapid-growth enterprises.

Most recently, he was the Founder and CTO of ICX Media, a digital media technology and data company focused on independent video creators. Previously, Steven was Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at Millennial Media, the leading independent mobile advertising company. As one of the earlier employees at Millennial, he worked directly with the CEO and CTO to lead and manage all new product development and prototyping initiatives from strategic conceptualization to the operationalization of those concepts. In addition, he was accountable for all new research and development efforts that ultimately led to every major product innovation for the company, from the early startup days to the eventual IPO. He eventually took over and led all of product and engineering at Millennial where he ensured more quality delivery cycles, better communication across the organization, and introduced a prioritization process to ingest business and technical projects more efficiently. Prior to Millennial, he worked for Verizon and helped to enable a location API for all mobile platforms. Steven has a BS from George Mason University and a MBA from Virginia Tech.

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