Steven has been part of our Posse since 2018 and serves as Chief Technology Officer. He is our resident Explorer and shows that by leading a fantastic group of technologists through problem-solving voyage.

Steven’s key responsibility is building all of the awesome innovations we desire in the business. He also loves getting everyone in the company excited about technology so everyone in the company can be mini-technologists in their own right!

Prior to Mobile Posse, he has been leading various product development and technology efforts as the CTO and Founder of ICX Media and SVP of Product and Technology at Millennial Media. As someone who has always been an innovator and learning sponge, Steven started his career in Product Development at Verizon after getting his degree at George Mason and Virginia Tech.

When not problem solving at the Posse, Steven is usually trying to keep up with his 2 year old, sneak in a soccer game, at the pool, or on the slopes.

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