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The Mobile Morning Opportunity in 7 Charts
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The Mobile Morning Opportunity in 7 Charts

By Greg Wester, CMO

From the minute we awake, we use our phones to get informed, inspired, and entertained. But the following 7 charts provide insights that there’s a big opportunity for reinventing the morning mobile experience. 

This first chart, from the firm Localytics, really got us thinking. It’s a bit dated, but it quantifies the intuitive — that morning is the peak time for using three different categories of apps: news, weather and traffic. What this chart also implies is that in a busy morning, that’s a lot of friction. And where there’s friction, there’s opportunity, so we decided to dig deeper. . .


The Mobile Morning Opportunity in 7 Charts - Chart 1


We commissioned a study of 1,000 mobile subscribers with Phoenix Marketing. Here’s what else we learned. 

1) Mobile has become part of our morning routines, with almost 60% of people first using their phones before they even leave the bedroom!The Mobile Morning Opportunity in 7 Charts - Chart 2

2) The trend of unlocking our phones without an app in mind, or Appnostic behavior, is more prevalent in the mornings, with almost 60% of unlocks being Appnostic – or 20% more likely than the rest of the day. What does this mean? It means what we all know and experience each workday — our morning routines include both things we need, and a little downtime as we try to mentally prepare for our day.The Mobile Morning Opportunity in 7 Charts - Chart 2

3) Our morning mobile desires blend activities for our left and right brains. We want to be informed and productive, but we also need a stimulant to get us going.The Mobile Morning Opportunity in 7 Charts - Chart 44) Digging a bit deeper, People still like reading the news in the morning . . .The Mobile Morning Opportunity in 7 Charts - Chart 5


5) But they are open to new and different news experiences…The Mobile Morning Opportunity in 7 Charts - Chart 6


6) But plenty of peoples’ morning experiences involve looking for more than “just the news”.The Mobile Morning Opportunity in 7 Charts - Chart 7


The Takeaway.
Our future phones will make our mornings frictionless. They will present us the information we need without having to plow through multiple apps. Instead, new experiences will streamline the morning routine by putting everything subscribers need at their fingertips; and in the process, build loyalty, ad revenue, and make the most of any content partnerships.

New Research Proves: “Win the morning, you win the day”
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Two “P’s” in a Podcast

By Greg Wester, CMO

Hear From Our Expert “Posseans”

We’ve recently had the pleasure of joining two well known industry podcasts to share our thoughts on key industry trends. Check out what our CMO, Greg Wester, and CRO, Adrian Velthuis, had to share with Streetfight Magazine and MarTech respectively.


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The Anatomy of a Top App

By Greg Wester, CMO

This past December, Comscore ranked Apple News as the 15th most successful app (across iOS and Android) in terms of monthly reach.

Here at Mobile Posse, we feel that Comscore’s ranking is some of the best quantification of the power of native device discovery.

So, for ANY carrier or OEM that would covet this kind of success (and that’s everyone), KEEP READING, because:

  1. IT’S NOT THE APP:  There’s nothing “newsworthy” about Apple News
  2. IT’S THE LACK OF FRICTION: Apple News’ success is driven by seamless integration of the app into Apple’s devices
  3. CARRIER AND OEMS CAN DO THIS TOO: There’s nothing stopping other OEMs and wireless carriers from creating their own dominance on Android

Apple News does what every other decent news app does. It aggregates content from a lot of different sources and lets you personalize what you see depending on what you like. It also sends notifications with breaking and relevant news.

What’s unique, and what has powered Apple News to the top of the charts is that it is installed on every phone they sell. Apple’s ownership over the device enables them to integrate Apple News with other things they have control over in the device: including Siri and the O/S itself:

  • Ask Siri what happened in the news today and you’ll see a feed of content directly from the Apple News app.
  • Swipe off your iPhone home screen, and there you’ll also find the Apple News feed.

Being easier to find means you don’t really need to be a whole lot better than other news apps – you just can’t be a whole lot worse… Others that share Apple’s device influence (like other OEMs and wireless carriers) certainly have the ability to emulate this. And for those that are looking for a way to get other media and services to their subscribers, a native device solution is the tip of the spear that will go straight to their subscriber’s hearts.

Mobile Posse in the News

Mobile Posse Enters Into Agreement to Be Acquired by Digital Turbine

ARLINGTON, Va., February 10, 2020 – Mobile Posse announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Digital Turbine, a mobile delivery and app advertising company headquartered in Austin, TX.

The acquisition by Digital Turbine builds on both firms’ strategies of creating frictionless mobile app and mobile content solutions for carriers and OEMs, thus creating effective advertising solutions for brands and app developers.Read more

White smart watch and smart phone
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What the Apple Watch’s Smarter Wake Screen Logic Means for the iPhone

By Greg Wester, CMO

For years, we’ve been preaching about the limited utility of merely finding the last app used when we first open our smartphones. We also recently predicted that Apple will change our phones into device-centric content discovery agents that make it easier than ever before to find and enjoy the media we love. Well, in a bit of serendipity, while messing around with my Apple Watch, I recently noticed that Apple has a setting that only re-affirms they are looking at better and smarter ways to serve users by dynamically changing when the last app used is kept so that it appears on wake.

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New Research Proves: “Win the morning, you win the day”
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7 Headlines That Will Disrupt Mobile in 2020

By Greg Wester, CMO

 Our Predictions on 2020’s Big Newsmakers

 It’s a new decade in mobile. And things can change a lot in 10 years. Consider that the best selling phone in 2010 was the iPhone 4, Samsung released its first Galaxy phone, and “App” was chosen as the word of the year by the American Dialect Society.

What might 2020 have in store? We decided to look into our New Lens and make a few predictions on what some of the major headlines in mobile will be this year.

Research Reveals That People are App-Nostic 60% of the Time

Maybe the 2020 Word of the year will be “App”-Nostic? The trend of unlocking your phone without an app in mind will continue to grow.

LG introduces Discovery Phone – catered to the Media Enthusiast

And with that growing trend, an OEM will launch a phone primarily designed to recommend and consume streaming video, music, news, and other media.

Mobile Posse’s MetroZONE Repeats as the Stickiest App at Unlock

Excuse us for being self-serving. If Verto Analytics’ repeats its report “The Mobile Unlock Journey”  on what captures people’s attention right at unlock, we expect MetroZONE to be among the leaders again.

Stanford Researchers Show That Facebook Is Just Everyone’s Bad Habit

Why do people use Facebook despite concerns of “Fake News” and privacy? Taking a page out of the popular book, “The Power of Habit”, researchers quantify Facebook’s use driven largely because it’s easy and “just there”.

Want Better Viewing Suggestions? Fios To Incorporate Your Mobile Habits

Choice overload has made smart discovery imperative for media winners. Someone with the ability to combine mobile usage with streaming will do so – providing recommendations on what to watch based on the news and stories you view on your phone.

New Android Widgets Now Designed To Compete With Siri Suggestions

Android, in an effort to compete with Siri’s increasingly powerful, and proactive “Suggestions”, will upgrade their current widgets to integrate with other device utilities and intelligently recommend to the user things they might want to do next – based on their schedule, history, location, and more.

Apple Launches iDiscovery; Primed to be the King of Mobile Media

 And speaking of Apple, we don’t expect them to sit on their hands in 2020. Look for them to create a whole ecosystem around discovery – putting their Apple News and AppleTV products front and center for their users. In a world overloaded with media choices – the winners will be those that simplify those choices in the most user-friendly way.  You can already control your Apple TV from your iPhone’s control center, look for deeper integrations around cross-device recommendations and cross-device control.

How about you? Any bold predictions for what’s heading our way in 2020? Contact Us with your headlines!

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3 Things Netflix Can Teach Us About Smartphone Discovery

By Kevin Grant, SVP Sales

Netflix initially launched with less than 1000 titles, leading with the “not quite blockbusters” Boogie Nights and LA Confidential. Yet these first steps –taking the friction out of video discovery– literally put Blockbuster out of business. Carriers and OEMs should learn from this, and realize that it’s the software on their devices (not the breadth of content) that holds the ultimate path to satisfying subscribers and getting them to spend more time on their services.

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Readers feedback graphic
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Apple News “Exclusive” Redux: Reader Feedback

By Greg Wester, CMO

Last week, we posted an “Exclusive” of our sneak peek of the Apple News roadmap. For those that read it, you by now know that we didn’t really get an exclusive and were just touting the wares of Device-Centric Discovery (DCD) solutions…  but that didn’t stop you from sending in your feedback and/or overall thoughts.

Big thanks to all the people that chimed in. Here are our responses to the most thoughtful feedback below:

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New Research Proves: “Win the morning, you win the day”
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New Research Proves: “Win the morning, you win the day”

By Greg Wester CMO

We all have our morning routines. I’m guessing mine is quite different from yours. However, new research from Phoenix Marketing International shows our morning routines include our smartphones is some rather similar ways.  And these similarities create big opportunities for wireless carriers to use Device Centric Content (DCD) to better serve their subscribers and build loyalty and brand.

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mobile phone promoting Apple special event
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Exclusive Sneak Peak From Apple Event: Apple News Roadmap

By Greg Wester, CMO

As a member of the tech blog-o-sphere, I was able to snag an invite to Apple’s December 2nd special press event to honor the Best Apps and Games of the year.

So there I was, in a surprisingly dark and hushed environment tucked in between honorees like the Spectre Camera and Sky: Children of Light appmakers, when someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I’d like to see a sneak preview of what’s to come with Apple News. I jumped at the chance and… WOW-EE! All I can say is . . . “We told you!”

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