Personalized Content | Always There | Wherever They Are

Firstly Mobile Platform:
Next-Gen Mobile Content Discovery

WOW your subscribers and reinvent their phones with a turnkey set of new content experiences–via apps, launchers, and browsers.

A time-saving unlock agent that decides
when to change the first app into a
personalized content experience

A personalized portal experience that
adds curated stories to the first page seen
when opening a new browser tab

A quick launcher destination that’s
the first place to look to find
something interesting

Be a Giant

Reach | Monetization | Duration | Frequency

The four pillars needed to become a mobile media player!

Be Loved

Frictionless media matters!

Content – simple and easy. Give your subscribers what they want.

Industry-Leading Monetization.
Relentless Focus On Revenue.

Offense From Strong Defense

To maximize high-quality Fill, we’ve developed
a proprietary rogue ad management system.
You won’t find this level of brand protection
anywhere else.

The result: a massively broad set of partners
without fear of malicious ads.

Demand Management

To optimize eCPM we run a competitive auction across multiple RTB Exchanges and thousands of DSPs, and balance open auction bidding against Private Marketplace and Direct/Network Demand.

Custom monitoring helps us actively optimize
the UX mix of sponsored content and display advertising to boost eCPM.

Focus On Quality

Viewability: Our scores are twice industry benchmarks (80% vs 40% on average),
boosts Frequency.

Targeting Data: A focus on audience id
information boosts Reach in targeted demos.

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