30 Apr

A New – But Brief – Window of Opportunity for Mobile Carriers in the Age of Data

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has brought to light for consumers exactly how much personal data Facebook and other companies may have. But we’ve heard little about and from the wireless carriers. Where are T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon/Oath, Sprint, and others (who have their own troves of data) in this conversation, some might ask? I’ll tell you where. They’re in the catbird seat.

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19 Apr

It’s Time to Demand More of Your Smartphone – and I Don’t Just Mean More Pixels – Mobile Marketing Watch

The following is a guest contributed post by Greg Wester, SVP, Marketing & Business Development, Mobile Posse As the dust settles on this year’s Mobile World Congress, and we process the latest slew of smartphone launches – none of which promise anything too exciting – I have to think about the evolution of the mobile …

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26 Mar

If Smartphone Use is Frictionless, Why Isn’t the Smartphone?

Technology has advanced to make it easier to buy things, get places, and split tabs. However, when it comes to content, we’re still surprisingly tolerant of the status quo. It doesn’t seem to bother us that we have to swipe and tap around on our smartphones to find the content we want in those moments when we want it most. Let’s explore why and how content discovery can catch up….


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