20 Jun

The New Mobile Media Giants

AT&T’s upcoming acquisition of AppNexus rubber stamps what we’ve been saying for years now: Carriers will be the next big mobile media players. By acquiring online advertising and publishing partners, carriers like AT&T have firmly given themselves 2 of the 4 legs of the stool needed to sit at the table with the likes of Google and Facebook. The one thing they don’t have yet is the innovation in UI/UX and Artificial Intelligence to keep the content in front of their subscribers eyes.

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30 Apr

The Satisfaction of the Mobile Snack

The median mobile session length is only 27 seconds (more on this later) – which means people are “snacking” on their smartphones more than ever. This is why taking the “Friction” out of content discovery experiences – the types, taps, swipes, and waits that slow us down – is of utmost importance. If you only have 30 seconds or less, you don’t want to waste those valuable seconds looking for something to enjoy or inform you. Let’s look at some other data points about mobile snacking and its impact on content consumption.

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24 Apr

Facebook Fallout: 4 Coming Evolutions of the Content Experience

Recently, well-known analyst Roger Entner wrote a whitepaper titled “Frictionless Media Creates New Opportunity for Carriers”. The recent data security concerns that people have over Facebook has opened the window further for carriers to take advantage of this opportunity – but they need to act now!…

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08 Mar

Top 3 Problems Frictionless Media Companies Are Solving

We want things simple and easy. So why do we accept all the time spent searching, looking, hunting, swiping, tapping, digging, typing, opening, closing, and most of all waiting when we are looking for media that interests us? That’s a whole lot of work for the on the go crowd….

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