06 Dec

Down Goes Media Friction

Carriers have lofty goals in media (e.g., broadcast video networks, video tech, non-video content, ad-tech, consumer data), but device-centric content discovery services may be their easiest opportunity to win the battle for consumer attention by knocking out the friction that hinders subscribers from discovering and enjoying the content they love.

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14 Nov

The Four Aspects of Media Friction

In the world of digital content, the barriers are down. Different solutions and providers are fighting for consumer attention in news, local, lifestyle, and entertainment content. In this environment, the breakout winners of consumer attention will be those who best remove friction so that consumers can most seamlessly get the media that they want – when they want it.

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06 Nov

A Planogrammer’s Take on the Mobile Phone

For retail merchandisers, customer-friendly presentation and product placement make huge differences in success. This is why I can’t help but shake my head when I look at our mobile phones and see that they’ve learned nothing from merchandising. To illustrate this point, let’s see how a retail planogrammer might “review” our “smart”phones.

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26 Sep

Don’t Let the Ship Sail: Firstly Mobile is Here

The NextGen of Mobile Content Discovery is here! Today, we announced the launch of Firstly Mobile – a platform that allows Carriers and mobile device OEMs to create amazing frictionless smartphone experiences to help subscribers discover content they love.

The timing of the launch could not come at a better time. On Tuesday, at their Relevance Conference, AT&T emphasized the changing pace of the attention economy and the components of being a major media company.  This is on the heels of Google announcing their new device centric news feed, Discover, which will take even more mobile subscriber attention away from carriers.

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13 Aug

What is frictionless media? Q&A with Adam Singolda, Founder & CEO of Taboola

I feel that it is the opportunity to deliver online experiences in a truly personalized manner, where every web visitor experiences every web page or an app in a way that is tailored for them – sort of a “web of one.” To do this, we need to remove advertising experiences that appear “on the way” to what users really want to get to, and make it more holistic, much like search ads are very effective for advertisers, but also provide great value to users.

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20 Jun

The New Mobile Media Giants

AT&T’s upcoming acquisition of AppNexus rubber stamps what we’ve been saying for years now: Carriers will be the next big mobile media players. By acquiring online advertising and publishing partners, carriers like AT&T have firmly given themselves 2 of the 4 legs of the stool needed to sit at the table with the likes of Google and Facebook. The one thing they don’t have yet is the innovation in UI/UX and Artificial Intelligence to keep the content in front of their subscribers eyes.

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