20 Jul

“First Takes” on Google’s new “feed”

Yesterday, Google announced a new “feed”, a personalized stream of news and other content based on your search history and other stuff they have learned about you. In our “Hot Takes”, our executive team weighs in on what this might mean to carriers and the industry as a whole.

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20 Jun

Verizon’s Oath and The First Dibs Opportunity

As of June 13, Verizon now owns the expansive reach of not just AOL but Yahoo!, too. The first leg of the mobile marketing success stool for Verizon is now complete. The newly named subsidiary, called Oath, certainly has an opportunity – but what about the other two legs? In order to maximize the return from any mobile ad revenue opportunity requires three thing…

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15 Jun

Mary Meeker’s Crystal Ball: Many Big Hits and One Miss

Much like virtually everyone in the tech world, I discovered tons of fascinating gems in Mary Meeker’s iconic 2017 Internet Trends report. The 355-slide deck is chock-full o’ goodies that highlight what’s happening in technology today — along with numerous predictions for what’s coming next…

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