By Kevin McGuire, SVP, Product

The NextGen of Mobile Content Discovery is here! Today, we announced the launch of Firstly Mobile – a platform that allows Carriers and mobile device OEMs to create amazing frictionless smartphone experiences to help subscribers discover content they love.

The timing of the launch could not come at a better time. On Tuesday, at their Relevance Conference, AT&T emphasized the changing pace of the attention economy and the components of being a major media company.  This is on the heels of Google announcing their new device centric news feed, Discover, which will take even more mobile subscriber attention away from carriers.

Carriers need to move quickly – before the frictionless ship sails and users shift even more time to over-the-top platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat amongst others. Firstly Mobile is a smart mobile content discovery platform – proven and loved by tens of millions of active users globally. Firstly Mobile provides a fast and flexible way for carriers to participate in the growing multi-billion dollar mobile content and advertising opportunity by providing a fully managed service that delivers strong ARPU, best-in-class brand safety, and user engagement.

At Mobile Posse, our goal has always been to create a better smartphone. One that allows smartphone users to have convenient access to their news, weather, sports, entertainment, games, and more every day. No more looking through a sea of app icons – we remove the friction of swiping, tapping, typing, waiting…. that slows mobile content experiences.

With Firstly Mobile, carriers can integrate their own content, offers, and promotions into a smart content agent upon unlocking the device, a content portal when opening a new browser tab, or a content hub when swiping left or right from the home screen. The Firstly Mobile platform and managed service includes:

  • firstPLACE™Swipe left or right from the home screen to discover content “It’s Google Discover for Carriers”… firstPLACE provides mobile user on the go with an easy and familiar way to discover content without looking through app icons and notifications. Now, with a simple swipe to the left or right, Firstly Mobile and Carriers can bring users the content they know and love without searching.
  • firstAPP™A time-saving smart content agent that decides when to change the first app a user sees after unlocking their phone into a personalized content experience. When mobile subscribers turn to their devices to kill time or check-up on what’s going on in the world and around them, content is already waiting for them to discover or easily dismiss. The Firstly Mobile platform understands when the user is likely receptive to content discovery, and then delivers something they might enjoy next rather than whatever they used last.


  • firstPAGE™A personalized web portal experience that adds curated stories to the first page seen when launching the browser.  Mobile content discovery powered by Firstly Mobile is a perfect companion to web search. Users can and do search the web while mobile, however Firstly Mobile turns the web browser into a content discovery portal saving users time to discover content by scrolling as opposed to searching.


Our Firstly Mobile platform is helping to define the next generation of mobile content discovery. As Google and other mobile giants step into an opportunity tailor-made for carriers and mobile device OEMs, the Firstly Mobile platform helps win back time their subscribers are spending with content and advertising giants around the world. Leading carriers and mobile device OEMs already deploying the Firstly Mobile platform are reaping the rewards of bringing content discovery to their subscribers – don’t let the ship sail without you. Contact us to learn more about Firstly Mobile at