20 Jul

“First Takes” on Google’s new “feed”

By Mobile Posse Senior Executive Team

Yesterday, Google announced a new “feed”, a personalized stream of news and other content based on your search history and other stuff they have learned about you. In our “First Takes”, our executive team weighs in on what this might mean to carriers and the industry as a whole.

Jon Jackson, CEO: “Google’s News Feed announcement really validates everything we’ve been doing. We see this as more proof that the trend of the world is to help bring content to users when and where they want it. Since I founded Mobile Posse we have been helping capture those fleeting moments during the day and proactively and intelligently delivering content. If the first thing the user sees can engage them, it can have a profound effect on their mobile journey. What’s really happening is that now – that the underpinnings of having a fast network, the devices capable enough, and the content rich enough – some very unique experiences can be delivered to the consumer. The importance of getting to them first becomes even more paramount.”

Greg Wester, SVP Marketing and Biz Dev: Google’s announcement today confirms the importance of convenient access to content and the benefit of being first. It’s great to see that Google has finally recognized that not all of mobile is flush with the “intent and context” they claim matters in their oft-discussed Micro Moments. Earlier this month we released brand new mobile behavioral research that revealed that 47% of the time when consumers unlock their phone, they don’t even know what app they’re going to use, let alone what search term. Google is tackling this issue head-on in their apps by giving users the content they want to see to capture consumers’ limited attention span. Our research also shows that 70% of people say they use their device to kill time, so convenient content delivery when people don’t know what they want is the shape of the future.”

Mike Sullivan, VP Distribution: “Carriers and OEMs should take notice of Google’s announcement. Despite the titanic investment made in building the mobile ecosystem, operators and device manufacturers have not been able to capture their rightful share of the money flow being generated from the content and experiences their customers are consuming on their infrastructure. Google’s new feed shows them how they can do it. These same companies, whose phones are already in the hands of hundreds of millions of mobile subscribers, are in the best possible position to change the rules and win at this game by getting the right content to the right user at the right time.”

Adrian Velthuis, SVP Chief Revenue Officer: “As giants like Google continue to encroach on the mobile user journey, it’s more critical than ever for Wireless Carriers and Device Manufacturers to carve out their rightful role in this space. No one in the mobile ecosystem has a more trusted relationship with the subscriber than the carrier. Done correctly, Carriers can intersect the user journey, enrich the user experience, and recapture their share of the advertising opportunity that Google and Facebook have to date siphoned off. Mobile Posse offers a carrier grade solution that delivers on this promise and delights users as well by delivering Brand Safe content and advertising.”

Kevin McGuire, SVP Product: “Facebook and Google continue to control the lion share of time spent on Smartphones as they evolve how to “feed content” to mobile users. Their goal is simple: make it easy for users to search, discover, consume, and share mobile content “for me” which widens the moat around their stranglehold on mobile ad spend. Mobile Posse is working with leading Wireless Carriers and Device Manufacturers to enable them to more effectively compete with Facebook and Google in the race for mobile users time, attention, and thus mobile advertising revenue”.

Google’s announcement marks further validation of a trend in human behavior that has changed smartphone usage. We are excited of this confirmation that quick access to content on the First Screen can be a true game changer for wireless carriers and device manufacturers alike.