27 Oct

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became CEO

By Jon Jackson, CEO

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rabbi Yitzi Weiner for Huffington Post’s “5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became CEO” series. The opportunity allowed me to take a personal journey back through my time at Mobile Posse and reflect on the changes that have occurred – both as an organization and as an individual. Here are the five things that I ended up coming up with for Yitzi (you can click the link above to read more):

  1. Enjoy the journey as opposed to only the destination.
  2. A CEO’s perspective can often be different from that of their colleagues.
  3. Be ready to repeat yourself — In a good way.
  4. Your perspective will change.
  5. Patience is a virtue, and you must think long-term in order to succeed.

Another learning for me, specific to the digital world, is always find a way to move forward. If fine tuning things comes at the risk of stagnation, you will miss out on opportunities. None of us are infallible, but the biggest mistake we can make is to not learn from our mistakes. Every challenge to the business or yourself is an opportunity to improve.

My perspective on things has changed over the past 12 years. I was greatly honored to learn Mobile Posse made Washington Business Journal’s list of Fastest Growing Companies – and I understand that growing a company can’t come at the expense of team cohesion. Investing time in getting people to understand and buy in to the mission is worth the time spent and more – without a great team, even the most brilliant and capable person would struggle to succeed.

Along those lines, it’s important to build a work environment that everyone can take pride in. I do my best to listen and take action when my employees give suggestions on how to improve the workplace. In an effort to get as much feedback as possible, we implemented TinyPulse, which is a tool that allows employees to provide anonymous suggestions or comments. Happy employees are always the most productive ones.

Mobile Posse is always looking for the best and brightest to join us. We have several great openings today – including sales, engineering, development, and product professionals. We are one of the best places to work in the DC area and we would love to have you join our team!