12 Mar

March Madness…. The Mobile Media Version

What Might Dick Vitale Say?

By Jon Jackson, CEO

 It’s been a busy first quarter with all the news out of MWC and the industry’s media pursuits. March Madness is almost upon us so, I couldn’t help but imagine how the world’s most famous college basketball analyst might sum up the different carrier strategies when it comes to mobile media and advertising.

So, here’s how I’d imagine Dick Vitale might size up our industry and the Fab 5 media strategies making a run to change our media futures:

  1. The Crowd Favorite: Ad Targeting Through Customer Data
  2. The Traditional Powerhouse: Broadcast Television Advertising
  3. The New Kid on the Block: Streaming Video
  4. The Old School Ballers: Acquiring Content/Audience
  5. The Sleeper: Mobile Content Discovery Interfaces (CDIs)

Note: This is just for fun, of course.  I haven’t yet had the pleasure of “talking telecom media” with Dickie V.



The Crowd Favorite: Ad Targeting Through Customer Data

 Everyone likes it on paper. But a big step up to play in Division I.


  • Existing access to data. LOTS of data.
  • “Conceptual” appeal to advertisers


  • Legislation (Privacy)
  • Consumer distaste
  • Lack of expertise

Dicky V’s Take:

“Super sexy, but can they keep pace with the run & gun style of Google and Facebook’s platforms? They’ll have to build their bench to compete with the big boys.”


The Traditional Powerhouse: Broadcast Television Advertising

Never discount the perennial contender. But can it evolve with the times and make it deep in the tourney? 


  • Big market
  • Can extend reach beyond their monthly subscribers


  • Uncertain future
  • Revenue opportunity partially dependent on long-term appeal of O&O properties

Dicky V’s Take:

“If they can avoid a slow start, they might pick up a few wins. But uncertain what the long term outlook is – will Broadcast TV still be around late in the second half?”


The New Kid on the Block: Streaming Video

Looks like a quality pick.  No tourney experience and a tough bracket.


  • Easier than ever to stand up a solution
  • Multiple revenue streams (subscription and advertising)


  • Lots of competitors… and growing
  • Proprietary content required – can’t be an also-ran

Dicky V’s Take:

“On the surface, primed for a run – but Netflix and Hulu are in the same bracket. Carriers would need to beat them on their home court.”


The Old School Ballers: Acquiring Content/Audience

A throwback game strategy might struggle with today’s new fast-paced styles.


  • Immediate cash flow upon investment
  • Extend reach to beyond current subscribers


  • Future is trending towards discovery, not content
  • Investment immediately at risk since eyeballs can go elsewhere

Dick’s Take:

“Buying media properties is pretty old school – the equivalent of hoop’s high pick & roll. Winning in media today likely requires more “shooting from behind the line”. 


The Sleeper: Next-Gen Mobile Content Discovery Interfaces (CDIs)

Underappreciated. Nimble. Bound to surprise and blow up someones bracket.


  • Carriers can own their own base
  • Leverage over competition
  • Speed to market


  • Not yet perceived as “shiny”
  • “Only” a $5B opportunity

Dick’s Take:

“Not the biggest names, CDIs float under the radar. But someone is going to draft them and they’ll be real PTP-ers (prime time performers)! Who will reap that reward?”


My Final Thoughts

March Madness always comes with drama and intrigue. It certainly will be fun to watch the games unfold on TV. When it comes to telecom media – Mobile Posse is stoked to be more than a fan and have our Next-Gen Mobile Content Discovery Platform in the game along with our partners. We’re shooting to have our partners, the mobile carriers, be the ones that “cut down the nets” and relish the opportunity to assist in creating their One Shining Moment.