31 May

New Research Study Reveals Mobile Posse’s Home Screen Messaging Drives App Usage Greater Than Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, YouTube and Yahoo! Mail

Original Article from Market Wire

McLean, VA – Marketwired – May 31, 2013) – Mobile Posse, the industry leader in mobile home screen messaging, shared the results of a study conducted by Arbitron Mobile that took place over the course of several months. The results of the third-party study clearly show that Mobile Posse’s home screen messaging platform is #1 in the ability to drive consumer engagement with mobile apps. The study’s findings are particularly relevant as Facebook recently unveiled its first play in the home screen messaging arena. The study also quantifies the impact of home screen messaging for app developers, carriers and handset manufacturers.

Exhibit 1: Usage of Different Apps on Phones Where Mobile Posse’s App is Installed

Session and minutes of use metrics are averages across all phones, including any users having no usage in the month

Mobile Posse 88.1 95.3% 152.1
Facebook 73. 50.6% 215.4
Gmail 44.2 85.6% 39.6
Google Search 42.3 93.2% 16.8
Go SMS Pro 17.4 4.5% 20.3
Facebook Messenger 11.8 36.9% 16.1
Yahoo! Mail 10.6 12.5% 11.6
Chrome 7.8 12.7% 24.1
YouTube 7.6 67.6% 79.3
Instagram 7.4 16.8% 31.5