What is frictionless media? Q&A with Adam Singolda, Founder & CEO of Taboola

I feel that it is the opportunity to deliver online experiences in a truly personalized manner, where every web visitor experiences every web page or an app in a way that is tailored for them – sort of a “web of one.” To do this, we need to remove advertising experiences that appear “on the way” to what users really want to get to, and make it more holistic, much like search ads are very effective for advertisers, but also provide great value to users.

The New Lens | Interesting stuff on two types of mobile sessions

This month, the New Lens focuses on two awesome stories about the future use of media. Unfortunately, both articles completely MISS OUT on understanding two key consumer behavior segments: “The Intender” vs. “The Unintender.”

The New Lens for June | Interesting stuff on AT&T + AppNexus

In June we have TWO factoids that provide interesting background on this month’s focus on AT&T + AppNexus.


Mobile Posse Appoints Former AOL VP Brian Dengler as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Mobile Posse, the leading platform for creating frictionless content experiences on smartphones, today announced the appointment of Brian Dengler as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, in addition to Kevin Grant as Senior Vice President, Sales and Distribution.

Mobile Posse Triples Size of Arlington Headquarters at One Ballston Plaza

Mobile Posse, the leading platform for creating frictionless content experiences on smartphones, today announced the expansion of its Arlington headquarters at One Ballston Plaza to a new 18,000 square foot space, which is triple the size of its former office. Mobile Posse also announced the appointment of Steve Drill as Chief Technology Officer.

Mobile Posse Creates a Frictionless Mobile Experience

Mobile Posse, the leading platform for creating frictionless content experiences on smartphones, is creating more significant ad revenue streams for mobile carriers by eliminating the unnecessary steps smartphone users have to undergo to find and enjoy content through device-centric solutions. The company has recorded a revenue growth of over 60 percent for the third year in a row, while doubling advertising reach in the past year to 25 million users per month.


Marketers: Media friction will change where you go to market

As media consumption becomes more accessible and available to us across multiple devices, analyzing the competitive media environment in silos of social, mobile, content discovery and voice-enabled solutions has become short-sighted.

The right lens for the competitive media landscape is how each solution removes friction – swipes, taps, pauses, indecision, confusion or wait – from our content discovery and consumption process.

Jon Jackson shares his thoughts with WSJ on AT&T AppNexus Acquisition

“By all rights, the carriers really should be the next big mobile media players,” said Jon Jackson, founder and chief executive of Mobile Posse, a mobile advertising technology company. “They have over a hundred million subscribers unlocking their AT&T phones 120 times a day, they’re in a great position. But first they need to sort out how they get content in front of their subscribers and next sort out how to plug in mobile advertising.”

Mobile Posse Calls for “Smarter Phone Revolution”

Jon Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of advertising and customer relationship management company Mobile Posse, penned an open letter to wireless carriers and original equipment manufacturers earlier this weak, calling for a “smarter phone revolution” meant to address the constantly growing consumer expectations and usher in the new era of handset technologies.

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