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Apple News Plus: Rotten at the Core

Apple News Plus’ recent announcement spurred some in the industry to refer to it as a “Netflix for magazines”. I beg to differ. Sure, they both cost upwards of a Hamilton a month, but that’s where the similarity ends.

What will be the Netflix Discovery Engine for the Smartphone?

Everyone seems to agree that content discovery on TV “sucks”… but what is being ignored is that it’s equally as bad on smartphones! While tech innovations have created TVs and phones that manufacturers have deemed “smart”, both remain relatively dumb to helping us discover content – something we do on each daily.

March Madness…. The Mobile Media Version

It’s been a busy first quarter with all the news out of MWC and the industry’s media pursuits. March Madness is almost upon us so, I couldn’t help but imagine how the world’s most famous college basketball analyst might sum up the different carrier strategies when it comes to mobile media and advertising.

Mobile Posse in the News

Top 3 Tips to Improve Native Content

Native device content now delivers significant reach, high viewability and strong engagement – all thing brands desire. Meanwhile, subscribers can enjoy premium content in a brand-safe environment….

Three Trends That Will Lead Us into the Fifth Era of Mobile Content Discovery

Mobile phones have become content discovery devices – and that’s among their most important functions in our everyday lives. They’re with us nearly every moment of the day, so we rely on them for content even more than our TVs and radios. We get our news, weather, sports scores and stock prices from our phones. When we’re bored, we look to them for entertainment….

Experts Predict What Monetisation Will Mean for Publishers in 2019

ExchangeWire have invited hundreds of thought leaders to share their thoughts on what next year will hold, across a range of topics. Today, publisher monetisation takes centre stage. Will 2019 be about publisher diversification, improved technology to fuel better monetisation, or a shift of focus towards quality content?


Five Resolutions That Could Define Our Industry

This year will be a defining moment for telecom. Here are 5 resolutions that will make you a winner.

The First Dibs Opportunity

Data from Verto and Phoenix Marketing International shows the value.

A Carrier’s Practical Guide for Winning Mobile Content Discovery

Get in the device-centric fast lane to a big revenue opportunity! Our eBook guides the way