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3 Hits, 1 Miss From the Appnostic Report Coverage

It’s only been 3 months since the word “Appnostics” became part of our vocabulary here at the Posse. But even in that short time, it’s a word we use multiple times every day. But our usage of that term is nothing compared to the number of times that smartphone users everywhere exhibit Appnostic behavior. As the report shows, it’s a growing trend and not a fluke. And we’re happy that the press noticed that in a BIG way. Here are some things we loved from the coverage.

We’re all Media Enthusiasts – In Our Own Way

People like convenience as universally as they like food and money. When you combine that with the lifeblood that mobile content has become these days – it keeps us informed, entertained, and in touch – it’s baffling that the telecom industry is moving so lethargically in pursuit of a game changing innovation like convenient content discovery.

3 Things I Loved From Verto Analytics’ Mobile Unlock Journey Report

A recent report by Verto Analytics on the Mobile Unlock Journey dared to ask, “What happens after consumers unlock their smartphones?” – and no, the answer wasn’t look at cat pictures and argue with strangers. We were thrilled to see that Verto dubbed Metro by T-Mobile’s metroZONE app, which is powered by our Firstly Mobile content discovery platform, as “The Carrier App That is Built for Unlock Content Discovery.”…

Mobile Posse in the News

Mobile user behavior is changing quickly says new Appnostic report

Consumers unlock their smartphones an average of 70 times a day – and each time it starts a journey. Many times the destination is known – to send a text, order food delivery, etc. But increasingly, consumers are unlocking their phones with no predetermined destination – a state of mind the report defines as being “Appnostic.” 

Q&A: Mobile Posse’s Greg Wester on Overcoming the Appnostic Moment

Research from Mobile Posse and Phoenix Marketing International found 88% of mobile users regularly exhibit appnostic behavior, while only 11% of users have a specific app in mind more than 90% of the time. Mobile Posse’s CMO, Greg Wester, says that savvy app makers will take advantage of this “appnostic” state of mind. EContent editor, Theresa Cramer, recently had the chance to interview Wester about his take on the report’s findings.

Study: More people opening phones with no destination in mind

Researchers with Mobile Posse and Phoenix Marketing found that consumers are opening phones an average of 70 times each day, but that most (88%) are opening without a destination – the researchers call this being “appnostic” – in mind. This behavior, say the experts, could be a financial boon for OEMs, wireless carriers, and others who move to monetize phones’ lock screens.


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