PictureBOOKs: Marvel/Adidas Win By Mixing Mobile Brand Experiences And Optimized Discovery

By Geoff Allen, Chief Content Officer

Firstly Mobile’s main purpose is to super-serve mobile media enthusiasts with frictionless and snackable content goodies. But our next-gen mobile content discovery platform has proven to be just as spectacular for brands looking to engage their target audience. Via our branded pictureBOOK campaigns, brands like Marvel and Adidas have received the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars in earned media.  Let’s take a closer look at both.

Marvel at the Difference

Simply put, by optimizing a brand’s creative assets for mobile discovery, pictureBOOK campaigns perform light years above industry averages. As a recent example, Marvel used the campaign to hype their then soon-to-be released Captain Marvel movie.


Page Views Per User Bounce Rate
Industry Average 1.1 80%




6.1 8.5%

The campaign was packaged into pictureBOOK’s immersive format (see below) that profiled the upcoming movie with details about the story and cast. By letting their campaign story speak for itself in a fun, interactive way, users immediately engaged – with bounce rates nearly 10x lower and pageviews 6x higher than industry averages.

PictureBOOKs: Marvel/Adidas Win By Mixing Mobile Brand Experiences And Optimized Discovery

Not “Footing” The Bill

Adidas’ pictureBOOK (see below) was built off its Black History Month campaign, showcasing the “Harlemites” – a team formed in the 1920s when Jim Crow Laws banned African-Americans from playing in “white” professional leagues. The teams dazzled on and off the court, showcasing their creativity. This fun and creative Adidas campaign garnered over 100,000 views a day.

However, the more powerful metric that should have C-level executives salivating is the enormous amount of earned media received. Basing this on industry averages of 0.1% CTR and a conservatively low $1.50 CPM, Adidas netted almost $500K in Earned Media. Marvel’s Captain American campaign yielded just over $400K.

pictureBOOK Campaign Days Run Views Earned Media
Marvel – Captain America is Coming 2 270,000 $405,000
Adidas – Anybody Can Win a Game 3 326,000 $488,000

PictureBOOKs: Marvel/Adidas Win By Mixing Mobile Brand Experiences And Optimized Discovery

HOW pictureBOOKs Work: An Immersive Snackable Format for Brands

Our pictureBOOK campaigns are built to be easily digested by audiences. We use your own campaign creative and put in our immersive format that is highlighted by:

  • Snackable text on each page – simple and impactful
  • Enticing image motion maximizes visual impact
  • Easy image swiping enables seamless navigation

The immersive pictureBOOK format tells your brand story and keeps the audience captive in a fun and engaging way. The campaigns’ snackable lengths ensure they can be enjoyed in the brief periods of time consumers have on the go – and they come away entertained and with a positive brand experience.


WHY pictureBOOKs Work: Over 30 Million Media Enthusiasts + Discovery Intelligence

The value of Firstly Mobile to brands starts with our audience. Those who love Firstly Mobile are those who love great mobile content. They live on the go – but want to stay inspired, connected, and informed when they do have their spare moments. While they might be skeptical of “fake news” and commercial messages, they recognize great content that’s entertaining and informative.

Firstly Mobile’s discovery algorithms intelligently deliver content to our audiences when they’re most receptive. We know that 50% of the time our 30 million daily active users are unlocking their smartphone, they don’t have a specific app in mind. Firstly Mobile targets these times and brings the stuff they love to their fingertips when they have time to spare.


Imagine What It Can Do For Carriers

A recent study by Verto Analytics showed how the smartphone on the average has a very poor unlock rate – with the app first seen at unlock being closed within 10 seconds more than 50% of the time. While social and messaging apps typically have the best engagement at unlock, Firstly Mobile properties, like MetroZONE by T-Mobile, “actually perform better at unlock than Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat”. This proves that is a major opportunity for carriers and OEMs to improve the user unlock experience.

These branded pictureBOOK experiences created by for Adidas and Marvel the demonstrate the immense value of Firstly Mobile for brands. Carriers should be taking note and be the next in line to jump on board. Firstly Mobile has been proven to delight their subscribers and provide a mobile ad revenue stream. The icing on the cake is the additional value of putting their brand messages in front of their subscribers at no additional cost – and more effectively than their other ad placements.