First Feed™ Platform

Mobile Posse delivers premium content for consumers and
new revenue streams for mobile operators.

Content delivery. Carriers deploy our First Feed mobile content discovery platform on handsets and allow their customers to opt in to receive engaging daily content. Mobile Posse’s managed service for carriers delivers daily news, weather updates, music, games, sports updates and more directly to consumer home screens.

CRM. Carriers can reduce customer care costs by using Mobile Posse’s consumer CRM solution. The system enables direct customer outreach to proactively resolve issues, thereby improving consumer satisfaction while reducing contact center inquiries and associated agent costs.

Web portal. Engaging default home pages turn cost centers into profit centers.

What You Want…When You Want It


The first thing every morning, I grab my phone to check out what’s happening. Today’s weather…breaking news…final scores. It’s all waiting for me when I unlock my phone.



Found time…say while I’m waiting in line for coffee or at my kids’ bus stop. That’s when I check my First Feed to catch up on my favorite celebrity blog and videos. Heaven!



When news about my favorite team breaks, I want to know…now! Just a just a swipe to unlock brings it straight to my first screen–without even opening an app.


Mobile Posse’s mobile content discovery platform triggers intelligent delivery of rich, interactive content based on consumer preferences and behaviors. With this unique solution, consumers are more likely to engage — creating new opportunities to boost content consumption and mobile monetization.

Now you can bring your mobile content, advertising, and consumer CRM to the forefront of the mobile experience.

First Feed Mobile Content Discovery Platform
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