By Greg Wester, CMO

This past December, Comscore ranked Apple News as the 15th most successful app (across iOS and Android) in terms of monthly reach.

Here at Mobile Posse, we feel that Comscore’s ranking is some of the best quantification of the power of native device discovery.

So, for ANY carrier or OEM that would covet this kind of success (and that’s everyone), KEEP READING, because:

  1. IT’S NOT THE APP:  There’s nothing “newsworthy” about Apple News
  2. IT’S THE LACK OF FRICTION: Apple News’ success is driven by seamless integration of the app into Apple’s devices
  3. CARRIER AND OEMS CAN DO THIS TOO: There’s nothing stopping other OEMs and wireless carriers from creating their own dominance on Android

Apple News does what every other decent news app does. It aggregates content from a lot of different sources and lets you personalize what you see depending on what you like. It also sends notifications with breaking and relevant news.

What’s unique, and what has powered Apple News to the top of the charts is that it is installed on every phone they sell. Apple’s ownership over the device enables them to integrate Apple News with other things they have control over in the device: including Siri and the O/S itself:

  • Ask Siri what happened in the news today and you’ll see a feed of content directly from the Apple News app.
  • Swipe off your iPhone home screen, and there you’ll also find the Apple News feed.

Being easier to find means you don’t really need to be a whole lot better than other news apps – you just can’t be a whole lot worse… Others that share Apple’s device influence (like other OEMs and wireless carriers) certainly have the ability to emulate this. And for those that are looking for a way to get other media and services to their subscribers, a native device solution is the tip of the spear that will go straight to their subscriber’s hearts.