By Kevin McGuire, VP Product

Recently, MediaPost chatted with our publishing partner UPI to do a case study entitled, “UPI Teams With Mobile Posse To Boost Engagement, Audience”. The results of the study prove that our Firstly Mobile platform unlocks tremendous value for publishers, brands and carriers – particularly through the platform’s unique ability to find people during “lean back” or “idle” moments.

Since partnering with Mobile Posse and using our Firstly Mobile platform, UPI has seen impressive lift in business metrics such as:

  • An increase of 30 seconds in average time spent on their web sites
  • An 86% increase in click-through rate
  • A 26% decrease in bounce rate
  • Doubling their monetization (2x mobile CPMs)
  • And “skyrocket growth” in their desired target market (25-44 year olds)

While some may discount these numbers as too good to be true, we consistently see these type of results with our publishing partners. By creating interfaces that allow subscribers to have “one-touch” access to content – via an unlock, a swipe to a minus screen, or a tap to open a browser – Firstly Mobile creates #frictionlessmedia experiences that our publishers rave about and mobile users love.

Like most publishers, one of the challenges for UPI is finding reliable, scalable, and cost-effective ways to get their content in front of the “right users at the right time”. When people know what they want, they “lean in” – utilizing their Smartphone to search, browse, launch apps, or complete a series of tasks. However, Research from Phoenix Marketing International shows that roughly half the time we turn on our device we don’t have a specific task or app in mind. Instead, we’re idly turning to it to see what can keep us informed, entertained, or inspired. In a world shifting to include more of these “lean back” moments, the time has arrived for new forms of content discovery. Users want content at their fingertips – without having to hunt and search through apps or browsers.

Firstly Mobile creates new interfaces that puts content discovery in the fastlane. It personalizes mobile content experiences that get to know your interests and likes over time without having to jump through hoops to declare them or configure settings. The result is more engagement during those “lean back” moments, with higher engagement and traffic for our publisher partners that outperforms their paid traffic acquisition from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other typical mobile user acquisition campaigns.By unlocking the value of “lean back” moments, our publisher partners get engagement they desire, advertisers get value and strong ROI, and subscribers get a “lean back” experience they love – making it a win-win-win. Contact us to learn more!