What Telecom Can Learn from FitBit

By Jon Jackson, CEO at Mobile Posse

Everyone I know spends time reading content on their mobile device. And if one were to provide the ability to get that content delivered simpler and easier, everyone would say yes. Sure, there may be some variations in what content, how often, and how much – but no one would say: “no thanks, I don’t like convenience.”

People like convenience as universally as they like food and money. When you combine that with the lifeblood that mobile content has become these days – it keeps us informed, entertained, and in touch – it’s baffling that the telecom industry is moving so lethargically in pursuit of a game changing innovation like convenient content discovery.

What Telecom Can Learn From Fitbit

Some in the telecom industry have looked skeptically at new and innovative enhancements to our smartphones. But, anyone that’s skeptical of the broad appeal of better media discovery solutions should look no further than the universal acceptance of Fitbit and its fitness-centric media. Consider if Fitbit limited itself to only the “Health Enthusiast”. Fitbit’s value is in the ease for users to be informed of their fitness activity – exercise, food, weight, sleep. So sure – perhaps on the surface some pigeonhole it as something for just the gym rat or uber fit types. But that would be absurd! And sure enough, front and center on their website is their tagline that says: “Fit for Everyone”.

Having the convenience of fitness “media” at your fingertips is something that appeals to almost everyone – those that are health buffs to those who just want to stay motivated enough to get their few steps in — Everyone wants insight into their own “fitness plan.”

Fitbit advertises that they allow people to get fit “in their own way”. And isn’t that, really, what the crux of convenience is? Fitness, like media consumption, is not a one size fits all plan. People have different workout levels, dietary habits, sleep schedules. Fitbit lets people “choose their own adventure” when it comes to how to stay informed of their fitness – and doesn’t shy away from offering it to everyone. Because almost everyone cares about their fitness – in some way, shape, or form.

Everyone Also Discovers News, Local Info, Weather, Lifestyle Info In Their Own Way

Similarly, when it comes to simplicity in content discovery, skeptics need to realize that EVERYONE is a “Media Enthusiast” in their own way. They all would prefer convenience no matter their media consumption interests, schedules, and amounts. The current smartphone UI/UX is 13 years old, but you can already see that it’s beginning to change. The industry has taken notice that people appreciate having things at their fingertips.

The opportunity is there for the taking. It’s time that carriers celebrate the enthusiast in all of their subscribers – and understand that convenience in content discovery isn’t a niche solution. The question is how fast you can customize all the bells and whistles needed to satisfy the full range of your media enthusiasts.

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